Mental Health

Afraid Of The Birth? Anxious About Being A Parent?

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We talk with Leah Chalofsky about the New Parents Circle and Cesarean Birth Support Group, anxiety (as it relates to pregnancy and parenting), domestic violence, and teen pregnancy/parenting. Topics covered:
Hormones and their influence
Emotions prior to birth 
Anxiety, Depression and “feeling bad about feeling bad” 
First two years of child’s life – transitions physical and mental 
Benefiting from being around other parents
Ruling out physical issues – how physical and emotional are intertwined 

Postpartum Support

Muslim Families In The Parenting Community

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We are so happy to introduce Nethal Abdul-Mu-Amin to our listeners.  In this episode we also give our listeners an opportunity to learn a bit about Islamic cultural diversity and how Nethal is helping Muslim families find their reflection in the Parenting Community.
We discuss the following and more:
Homebirth Midwifery in the era before legalization and the current state of access
Nethal’s background and what led her to become a Birth and Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator
Resources Nethal has helped develop  as a Childbirth Educator, specifically for the Muslim community