Perinatal Herbalism Can Provide Enjoyment, Rest & Recovery

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Esther introduces Beth Rees and the topic of Perinatal Herbalism to our audience. On our show we like to hear about all sorts of supportive approaches to pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Beth tells us about how herbs can nourish us and add enjoyment, rest and recovery to our intensive work growing our families. 
We discuss:
How Beth became a doula/herbalist
Geeking out about Birth and Postpartum
Herbal self-nourishment and caring for the new mom and baby
Herbalism/Acupuncture integration
Local approaches
Gentle Giants of the herb world
Internal and external nourishment and healing
Show notes for specific herbal supports for parents and children


How To Hire A Nanny

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Trusting another person to care for your child can be challenging. Having a plan in place for hiring and employing a childcare provider will go a long way in alleviating some of the stress. Put your plan in place with episode 63, including:
when to start looking for a nanny / childcare provider (accounting for how long it can take to hire someone)
how to pre-screen candidates and conduct the interview process (because you need more than one interview with your final selections)
conducting a nanny trial period 
how to develop and maintain a good line of communication between parents and care providers
what to expect for how to pay a nanny (over the table vs under the table) and having contracts 
how to consider the nanny’s perspective, including pressure they may feel (e.g. if you don’t have any backup care)
how to set clear household expectations