How To Hire A Nanny

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Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 63: How to Hire A Nanny with “The Nanny Manual” Author Alyce Desrosiers

Trusting another person to care for your child can be challenging. Having a plan in place for hiring and employing a childcare provider will go a long way in alleviating some of the stress.

Listen to Episode 63 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast to learn about:

  • when to start looking for a nanny / childcare provider (accounting for how long it can take to hire someone)
  • the importance of pre-screening candidates and conducting a thorough interview process (because you need more than one interview with your final selections)
  • conducting a nanny trial period
  • how to develop and maintain a good line of communication between parents and care providers
  • how to customize a contract to use with your care provider (a great resource is
  • what to expect for how to pay a nanny (over the table vs under the table)
  • how to consider the nanny’s perspective, including pressure they may feel (e.g. if you don’t have any backup care)
  • how to set clear household expectations

Alyce Desrosiers is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder and managing director of Chirp Connecting Families and Nannies LLC. For over 20 years, Chirp has helped San Francisco families find, hire and employ Nannies that are the right fit for their needs and lifestyle. In addition to her latest book The Nanny Manual, she is the author of two previous books, Finding a Nanny for Your Child in the San Francisco Bay Area and Nannies for Modern Moms.

Alyce is also the founder of the non-profit, The Institute for Families and Nannies (TIFFAN), with the mission to educate, inform and support the relationships between parents and Nannies to further the development of young children. TIFFAN’s mission is to establish a recognizable standard of care for the nanny industry and best practices for parents and nannies to ensure quality care. We are accomplishing this through professional development, education and training for nannies in collaboration with parents. An intended consequence of TIFFAN’s mission is to elevate the quality of care, improve nanny – parent relationships, and provide job skills and career advancement opportunities for nannies to teach, mentor and consult with families and other nannies on best practices. For more information visit,

Alyce Desrosiers
“The Nanny Manual” author Alyce Desrosiers

Listen to Esther, Sarah, Alyce & Nanny Glinda on the Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 63. Click here for iTunes and click here for Google Podcasts. Enjoy! xo

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