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The Secret To Raising Confident Kids – Confidence Master Class

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Confidence-building is a lifelong exercise for all people, including parents. Listen to this Confidence Masterclass on episode 62 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast. Learn the confidence-building foundations. This audio masterclass is designed for women and mothers in particular. The course covers: 
The importance of demonstrating confidence to our children
Loving and respecting yourself 
What self care means 
How to unearth your true identity 


Our Family Coalition – LGBTQ+ Parenting

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LGBTQ Parenting and the community organization that supports it in the Bay Area are our topic in this episode. Our Family Coalition is a non profit that is also involved in policy work and advocacy throughout the state of California. Our guests Dy Nguyen and Jeanette Page bring their individual and collective experience to the show to talk about family-making outside the heterosexual box. 
We discuss:
Differences in the process of becoming a family with kids
Getting pregnant— finding a donor/partner/village, acquiring sperm, insemination services
What the LGBTQ “village” can look like
Our Family Coalition programs: playgroups, support groups, parenting classes
Big events