The Secret To Raising Confident Kids – Confidence Master Class

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Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 62: The Secret To Raising Confident Kids

Confidence Master Class

Confidence-building is a lifelong exercise for all people, including parents. Listen to this Confidence Masterclass on episode 62 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast. Learn the confidence-building foundations. This audio masterclass is designed for women and mothers in particular. The course covers:

  • The importance of demonstrating confidence to our children (our example is the secret!)
  • Loving and respecting yourself
  • What self care means
  • How to unearth your true identity

The Queen of Confidence

Leading the class from Melbourne, Australia (originally from Boston), Erika Cramer is a mother of two, wife and confidence coach. She is taking a bold stand for women to reclaim their relationship with confidence. Working with hundreds of women to unpack and deconstruct their personal relationship to their self confidence, Erika embraces and highlights the process of becoming.

This energetic Latina always keeps it real and raw, expressing herself openly and authentically and encouraging us to do the same. Her most recent project – The Confident Mumma – is dedicated to sharing the beautiful journey of motherhood in its absolute truth, empowering mothers to feel confident and capable through pregnancy, birth and the toughest (& most rewarding) hood of all motherhood.

Resources recommended by Erika

Raising Confident Kids – Your Custom Program

Book in your complimentary 1 hour Discovery session with Erika where she will work with you one on one to figure out what are the key areas of your life you would like more confidence in, how to start practicing confidence on a daily basis and how to be your fully expressed, confident, inspired self. Email her directly to schedule your free session today!  Erika’s email is [email protected]

Selected links

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Erika’s book Confidence Feels Like Sh*t: The truth about confidence and what it really takes to create it

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