Good Enough Mothering & Self Acceptance

Amelia Kriss, CPCC, RDT is an ICF-Certified Life Coach & Creative Arts Therapist in San Francisco, California, where she lives with her partner and their very opinionated almost 3-year-old. In her coaching practice, Amelia Kriss Collaborative, she specializes in supporting makers, healers, mamas, and other badasses. She is also a Registered Drama Therapist and a Director for Self-Revelatory Performances & therapeutic theatre. Amelia LOVES working with new mamas, especially around processing the birth experience, integrating this new parent role, and reclaiming their whole identities. She offers in-person sessions locally, and meets virtually with folks outside the Bay Area.

Here’s what we at Fourth Trimester Podcast discuss with Amelia:

  • The specific kinds of postpartum support that Amelia offers in her practice: Birth Experience Processing, Integrating the New Parent Role, Reclaiming your Whole Identity
  • Amelia’s journey into serving new mamas (stemming from my own birth experience, etc.)
  • The distinction between traditional psychotherapy & coaching and why that matters
  • You Are So Amazing & I Am So Bored (Parenting & Emotional Multitasking)
  • Good Enough Mothering is actually The Best Mothering

In Amelia’s words:

I coach with a focus on self acceptance & the belief that fulfillment is worth fighting for, and I’m committed to nurturing the societal shift from a concept of motherhood defined by self sacrifice, to one anchored in self compassion. Beyond Postpartum Support, my areas of focus include: Good Girl Metamorphosis, Creativity Coaching, working with fellow Healers & Helpers, and Therapeutic Theatre. At the moment, my most favorite forms of self-care are toddler snuggles, intersectionalizing my feminism, and curse words.

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