The Power of Yoga Pre & Post Birth (Bonus! Guided Meditation)

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Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 44: The Power of Yoga Pre & Post Birth

Jane Austin
Jane Austin

In this Fourth Trimester podcast episode, co-host Esther has a really fun and intimate chat with long-time pre- and post- natal yoga instructor Jane Austin about giving birth, what pregnant and new mamas need and the power of yoga.

Jane talks about how yoga helped her embrace her pregnant body and shares her belief that pregnant women should be empowered through yoga during their prenatal and postnatal periods.

She goes on to say it’s okay for new mothers to let go of societal expectations. It’s more important to focus on sleep, mental health and building community, seeking opportunities to connect with others.  On a practical note, buying transitional clothing and attending childbirth classes are also recommended.

They also discuss the significance of postpartum care and exercise to avoid complications like pelvic organ prolapse.

Lastly, Jane discusses the benefits of yoga for expectant mothers and new mothers, such as promoting relaxation, strengthening the pelvic floor, and relieving tension in the body.

The podcast ends with a short breath awareness practice for listeners to try on their own.

We hope you join us for some laughs and enjoy the lovely guided meditation!!

About Jane

Jane Austin has been a loving member of the parenting community of San Francisco for decades and has developed her own wonderful prenatal and postpartum yoga approach. She is a mom herself. She is an exuberant spirit and inspires down-to-earth love and understanding of the parenting journey.

Here’s a video of Jane in action:

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