Pinpoint Where You Are on the Spectrum of Mental Health

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Fourth Trimester Podcast Episode 33: Pinpoint Where You Are on the Spectrum of Mental Health

This is our second and brief interview with Jane Honikman, a founding member of the Postpartum Education for Parents resource ( as well as Postpartum Support International ( that includes a telephone support line and partner with Dr Shoshana Bennett in Postpartum Action Institute.

Jane Honikman
Jane Honikman

Jane gives us an overview and outline for finding ourselves on the spectrum of mental health. Listen to the episode to find out how to identify different parts of the continuum and better understand where you yourself might fall on that spectrum.

She talks about her time studying with Dr. James Hamilton who was interested in maternal mental health at a time when it might have seemed as if no one cared or understood, much like today in many women’s experience!

The point is made in our interview that Partners/Dads are also sufferers with mood disorder and need support and guidance, therefore it is preferable to refer to Maternal Mental Health Week as Parental Mental Health Week.

Finally, in this episode, Jane outlines self-care activities and recommends conversation and engagement, offering the plausible hope that there is support and healing that is within reach.