Post-Birth Libido, Birth Injury & How Past Trauma Affects Birth

Ever wonder about when you’ll be able to have sex again after having a baby? Or how your body will feel and heal after giving birth? Curious about how having a baby affects intimacy, sensation and your body in general?

Kimberly Ann Johnson
Kimberly Ann Johnson

Answering these questions for us is Kimberly Johnson. She is a bodyworker, doula, post-partum women’s health specialist, and single mom. Having had a difficult postpartum experience herself, she set out to understand what exactly was going on with her, and to heal herself naturally.

Her mission is to empower + educate women to make their own choices about how to nourish their bodies, how to sustain their relationships + tenderly reawaken their libidos, how to parent their children with wholeness + creativity, and how to fully mine the experience of being ALIVE.

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Hear Kimberly Ann Johnson on Episode 27 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast. Click here for iTunes and click here for Google Podcasts. Enjoy! xo

P.S. Kimberly has a book called The Fourth Trimester which you can check out. (Catchy title!)