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Spring Childers Demystifies All Things Placenta

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Even Kourtney Kardashian ate her own placenta. Some women eat their placenta because they believe the organ contains the nutrients being transferred from mother to child while the baby is in the womb. Some benefits could include increased breast milk production and a decrease in post-natal depression.
Listen to hear everything you never knew you TOTALLY WISH YOU KNEW about placentas, including: 
what is the placenta
what prenatal foods and practices can benefit the placenta
what is placenta encapsulation
what are some of the ideas and benefits around the practice
how have women historically used their placentas
what are some of the placenta traditions in other cultures
where to go to find someone to make capsules for you
what happens with the placenta after birth – how transported to person doing encapsulation – how to store
other beautiful things done with the placenta (e.g. artwork prints)


A Detailed Explanation of Vaginal Steaming AKA “Peristeam Hydrotherapy”

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Ever heard of Vaginal Steaming? Neither had we! Turns out, V-Steaming is a well-known and well-loved practice around the world. People love the practice for fertility, cycle cleanses, postpartum recovery & menopause. File it under “feels good and has potentially awesome benefits.”
We invited a V-Steam expert, Keli Garza, to join us on Fourth Trimester Podcast and share all the juicy – dare we say, steamy! – details.
Here’s the best part, Keli and the Fourth Trimester Podcast have teamed up to offer listeners of the podcast all of the following perks: 
– free shipping ($40 value) plus another $20 off on the Vaginal Steam Sauna Package (
– $20 off an e-course called Postpartum Peristeam Care: How to Use Vaginal Steaming for Full Recovery After Birth (
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Steam facials are amazing … why not luxuriate other parts of our bodies? Enjoy the show! This is a fun one!

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‘Pregnant With the Stars’ Writer Renée Cramer on How Celebrity Image Plays Into the Psyche of Modern Parents

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Renée Ann Cramer is our guest on episode 45 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast. She wrote “Pregnant With The Stars: Watching And Wanting The Celebrity Baby Bump” as part of her research into the culture around pregnancy and celebrity. She shares personal stories about her experience as a mother, as well as her fascinating perspective on how celebrity image plays into the psyche of modern parents.