Vegetables and Salads Postpartum Recipe Collection

Sliced Carrots for Ginger Carrot Salad
Ginger Carrot Salad
Crunchy, brightly-colored carrots mixed with ginger make for a nutritious salad or side dish. Treat it the way you'd treat a classic coleslaw and you'll be on the right track.
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Traditional Coleslaw
To me, coleslaw means BBQ ribs are on offer, along with baked beans, mac and cheese and other traditional BBQ sides. But if we can depart from BBQ for a moment, the coleslaw on its own is a very fine little snack. It is also amazing alongside a sandwich or other deli fare. Crunchy and delicious!
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Potato au Gratin
Travis' Mixed Potato au Gratin
This potato gratin is topped with a browned crust using grated cheese
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Green Beans with Roasted Onions
Green Beans with Roasted Onions
Green beans are elevated with the sweetness of roasted onions and a vinegar sauce. Perfect side dish or snack on its own.
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