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The Twins & Multiples Episode – What You Need To Know If You’re Expecting More Than One

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No one parenting experience is the same as another, but one thing we can continually agree upon for all new parents is that support for the new family during their first few months with a newborn is paramount. Moms and Dads are better equipped to take care of their babies when they themselves are getting their needs met. And when it comes to twins, there is perhaps double the reason (or triple if you’re having three babies!) to make sure you’ll be well-supported during the first six weeks at home. 
We are excited to call this episode of the Fourth Trimester Podcast the TWINS episode. Here’s what we cover: 
Having twin babies prematurely and a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) experience
Why it isn’t just a simple formula of twice the work 
Identifying and getting help for postpartum anxiety 
Feeding two babies at the same time 
Taking shifts between parents, and additionally with the help of a doula or someone else and how that can benefit everyone 
Preparing for the specific differences between preparing for having multiple babies compared to a single baby